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Who am I? What is my truest nature? Why am I here? What is life? What is my relation to the universe? What is enlightenment? If you find yourself asking yourself these kinds of questions, you may be interested in attending our meetings.

What we do

The purpose of the meetings is to help one another achieve insight into our true natures by the method of confrontational inquiry. The group leader poses a question each meeting. After silently contemplating the question, each member answers the question for themselves in writing. Then, in turn, we share what we wrote. The other people in the group ask us about our answers. We may find that what we thought we believed about ourselves does not hold up under the scrutiny of the group, or we may find insights into our selves in the process of explaining our answers to others. No one is required to read their answer if they do not wish to.

Where and when we meet

We are currently on hiatus and local meetings are suspended for the time being. Please check this page again later for further updates and meeting information.

About the Albigen System

"Each individual seeker has a particular path to walk, and one person's path is never the same as that of another. But there are common denominators and universal pitfalls. The Albigen System is a practical approach to self-definition and spiritual achievement that also allows for the many and varied individual paths." ... Read More ...

Images of Essence: The Standing Now is a contemplative meditation in words and pictures, conveying an achingly beautiful reminder of our quest for light, love, truth, and being. Its harmony of sight and sound remind us of our true home. Each photo by Nostalgia West photographer Bob Fergeson and accompanying poem by mystic poet Shawn Nevins builds a crescendo of introspective silence ... one at a time, leading us beyond time.

Dr. Ron Masa, founder of The University of Yourself, says: "It's like Rumi with a Nikon."See The Mystic Missal site for a video trailer, sample pages and ordering. A beautiful present for yourself, a loved one, a friend.
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